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Chubby Child Syndrome

April 28, 2009 by Jenn Hoffman

Does your business suffer from Chubby Child Syndrome? It’s quite possible. Allow me to explain.

I was an overweight little girl. My mom called me pleasantly plump. The kids on the playground weren’t as subtle; they called me “Fat Fry.” Eventually, in junior high I grew and lost the chub. A common story. I certainly wasn’t the only ugly duckling turned semi-swan in my school.

The interesting part: those kids from the playground still saw me as the girl I had been. The other day, I recognized this same phenomenon in business. Sometimes, when you add or improve services, bolster your talent, or simply blossom, long-time clients continue to see your company as it was instead of as it is.

If your business has evolved, should you try to change how it is viewed? New clients see you for who you are today. Do you accept that existing clients see a stockier silhouette?

If you are a survivor of Chubby Child Syndrome, how did you successfully change the perception of your brand?


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