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Evolution of a Science Site

February 25, 2010 by Jenn Hoffman

The School of Science at IUPUI enlisted our help to define a visual identity and spread core recruiting and development messages.

The school had specific goals; community outreach, recruitment, and support of research initiatives. Our interviews, with almost 50 target audience members, revealed the school’s best qualities — it’s modern, diverse, urban, and friendly. We felt their Web site should embody that same spirit.

The new site, which launched on February 26, 2010 is bright, warm, and engaging. Whereas many university science sites focus on tools and processes, this site highlights the human impact of scientific research.

The School of Science also created new Facebook and Twitter accounts to attract the next generation of future scientists.

The percentage of direct admits to the School of Science is up 34 percent over last year, and we’re excited to see that number continue to grow.

We’ll be tracking site traffic to see how it performs over the next few months — check back for results.

*We’d like to offer a big thank you to developer Brian Schank of IUPUI and photographers Brian Drumm and John Gentry for their diligent work on this project.


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