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5 Lessons from Blog Indiana

August 16, 2011 by Devon Pasquariello

This year’s Blog Indiana conference was buzzing with communication smarts and social media know-how. Here’s a quick highlight of advice gleaned from the two-day powwow.

Tip #1: Measure more than Numbers
One of Jay Baer’s tips for measuring social media is: Don’t be afraid to measure differently. Instead of judging your social media success on the size of your audience, analyze their behavior. Do they comment on your YouTube videos, like your Facebook posts, retweet your tweets, or redeem your emailed coupons? A small, engaged group is worth more than a large, impartial audience.

Tip #2: Keep the ‘Social’ in Social Media
Randy Clark from TKO Graphix shared this success story: a conversation (via social media) about a common interest led to an in-person meeting, which turned into a $1M+ account for the company. Randy emphasized that while social networking works, it can’t stand on its own. Combine your efforts with traditional networking to put a face with a Twitter handle.

Tip #3: Plan Before you Write
Michael Reynolds from SpinWeb recommends using apps like reQall or Evernote to record any blog ideas you run across during the week. Then, when it’s time to write, you have a bank of topics to choose from.

Tip #4: Ditch the Script
When it comes to DIY videos, you’re better off without a set script. Rocky Walls at 12 Stars Media says having a few bullet points to hit will come across as much more natural.

Tip #5: Have a few Tools Handy
While Doug Karr identified 40 tools to help track, improve and automate your social media efforts, we’ll share just a few favorites: FollowerWonk, which helps you find people with similar interests on Twitter, Social Mention, which is like Google Alerts for social media, and FollowBlast, which makes it easy to search hashtags and follow with a single click.

Many thanks to the great Blog Indiana presenters and organizers! For more, check out #BIN2011.


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