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Promoting your business with eye candy

December 16, 2011 by Kate Franzman

"I’ve never blogged, I never really tweet, but photos were always approachable for me." - Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram.

Social media is built on the ability to tell a story. The most successful brands on social media have learned how to share their feelings, life, and business in an engaging way.

At a loss for words? Here are three social media platforms for those who'd rather show than tell.


Instagram. Recently named Apple's app of the year, Instagram is a free photo sharing application that allows users to take photos with their iPhone and apply a filters and effects. It's hard to take a bad picture with this app.

But the conversation doesn't stop at the click of a camera-- it continues through likes, comments, and reposts. For a more in-depth look at this highly successful app, check out Brian's blog post.

Brands to watch: Starbucks, Jamie Oliver

Pinterest. The site allows users to “pin” or save links to external sites in an organized way. Users can save anything from a favorite blog post to products they love, to recipes and DIY tutorials.

Whenever you import a pin (image) to Pinterest, the site automatically generates a link back to the original source. This simple inbound marketing concept has the potential to increase hits to your homepage. Brilliant.

Brands to watch: Land's End, Martha Stewart

Tumblr. The fast-paced, 'next shiny object, please!' nature of this social network is optimized for quick consumption of content.

Just like Twitter, you can follow and be followed on Tumblr. Thanks to the platform users simply scroll through a steady stream of image-based posts that are very easy to “reblog” (more on this in the next section) and “like”.

Brands to watch: NPR, Bergdorf Goodman

All three of these platforms are user friendly and lend themselves well to industries that are inherently visual. Think: fashion, architecture, design, and restaurants. Do you use social media to tell stories through pictures? Show us.



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Rachel Wesseling says:
Great post! I'll have to follow Martha Stewart's boards! I adore Pinterest!! And I've been thinking about Tumblr for a blog... I love design and aesthetics but don't love writing. I'll definitely check out all these corporations' Tumblrs, etc. Very interesting thoughts!
JAN 04, 2012

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