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If you like to Google yourself, you'll love Klout.

September 7, 2011 by Jenn Hoffman

In 2002, while drinking a mocha latte and watching an episode of Sex and the City, you might have Googled yourself.

Your results probably included a bio from your company site, your 5K result time, and your White Pages listing. It was the search engine's report card for your online visibility.

Today, if you're active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., a new site is judging you. It's called Klout.

Klout has developed an algorithm to tell you how influential you are. Why does it matter? It provides a high-level snap shot of how you're performing across all of your social networks.

When you link Klout to your social media profiles, you will receive a score from 1-100. Don't worry. Your number isn't everything, and you can improve it over time. Follows, mentions, and activity will all help your score.

Beyond your score, Klout will also tell you:

  • Who you influence
  • What you're influential about
  • Your social media style
  • The probability your messages will be amplified
  • How you compare to others

Thanks to sites like Klout, your influence, like your oatmeal, is instantly available.


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2 Responses to "If you like to Google yourself, you'll love Klout."

Jenn Rarick says:
Great Question, Jeb! The Klout score for Pivot Marketing is 34, and my personal Klout score is 36. Regarding our influence style, Klout labels both Pivot Marketing and Jenn Rarick as "socializers"

According to Klout — as Socializers, "[We] are the hub of social scenes and people count on [us] to find out what's happening. [We] are quick to connect people and readily share [our] social savvy. [Our] followers appreciate [our] network and generosity."
SEP 10, 2011
Jeb says:
so what is your Klout score Jenn? :)
SEP 09, 2011

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