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Things Twitter ruined for me: the edible edition

September 26, 2011 by Kate Franzman

Musings on the misusings and overusings of people, places and things I can never look at quite the same way again because of Twitter.

1. Bacon

Bacon cupcakes. Bacon ice cream. Bacon... everything. No, I'm not reading you the menu from Ron Swanson's next dinner party. Day and night, there's bacon in my Twitter feed.

I realize this isn't just a Twitter phenomenon, but I think that's what pushed me over the salty, greasy edge. A common complaint about Twitter is that it's just an avenue for people to tell the world what they're having for lunch. And a lot of people I follow are having bacon.

bacon explosion

pictured above, the bacon explosion.

2. Alton Brown

Nothing will make you facepalm faster than when your favorite celebrity tweets something painfully awkward.

Quirky food personality and Good Eats host Alton Brown had great tweeter potential. But let’s face it, if you’re going to be a celebrity on Twitter, you’ve got to have a thick skin. Brown has had difficulties with the social media site ever since he joined.

Since I started following, I’ve seen him preach, pout, and post a bunch of tweets only to delete them en masse a few hours later. He even deleted his account for a bit.

Calm down, little buddy. It's just Twitter.

3. The word 'locavore'

Twitter wants us to label ourselves. We only have a teeny tiny space to describe our us-ness, so we turn to short, definitive terms. One term that gets thrown around a lot? 'Locavore.'

Ah, 'locavore.' The Brangelina of foodie terms. I have a love-hate relationship with this word.

I love what it represents, but I'm starting to feel it's overused. Along with farm-to-table, sustainable, rustic, artisanal, mixology, and comfort food, etc. 

Naturally, I consulted my Twitter followers on this topic:

Jolene Ketzenberger (@JKetzenberger), food writer for the Indy Star chimed in, "I agree with these. I particularly hate to hear "decadent" and "sinful." Whatever I'm having for dessert is neither. I just want it to be good."

That being said, I'll probably still continue to sit around watching Good Eats while eating local bacon. Apparently Twitter has not ruined hypocrisy for me.

What are some things Twitter has ruined for you?

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3 Responses to "Things Twitter ruined for me: the edible edition"

Beth says:
I completely agree with #1, it's like Jim Gaffigan's bacon jokes have run a muck on twitter. Listen people the "King Baby" set came out in 2009- get.over.bacon. It isn't funny anymore, if you have Klout in bacon- it's time to change.

SEP 27, 2011
Kate says:
Thanks, Cindy! I agree. Working on another post for this series. Web speak in some form might make the list.
SEP 26, 2011
Cindy Dashnaw says:
Twitter has ruined brevity for me. At least the way I define it. Just because you can create something that looks like a message in 140 characters doesn't mean you are communicating concisely and well!

SEP 26, 2011

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