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Blog / 2012 / June / Meet Our Neighbors: Keep Indianapolis Be

Meet Our Neighbors: Keep Indianapolis Beautiful

June 8, 2012 by Mark Cline

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) joined the Fountain Square neighborhood three years ago after transforming a brownfield and abandoned warehouse into Indiana's first civic nonprofit LEED Gold green building certification. Yeah, it's a big deal. 

While their newest digs are impressive, the services KIB have performed throughout Marion county since 1976 are awe-inspiring. KIB programs involve over 30,000 local volunteers each year and span from regular community cleanups to employing 80 local high school students as part of the summer long Youth Tree Team.

Wondering how you can get involved? Check out some of the other opportunities KIB offers:

  • NeighborWoods is an urban forestry effort that has planted over 32,000 trees since 2006. KIB's ultimate goal is 100,000, so get out your shovels.  
  • Adopt-A-Block  allows you to engage your neighbors in keeping your block clean and beautiful all year long. There are now over 500 KIB blocks adopted.
  • Community Vegetable Gardens are a great start to promoting and educating a local food movement in your neighborhood.
  • GreenSpace is a KIB initiative that helps fund and educate neighborhood-based organizations who want to eliminate blight and offer safe public spaces for all to enjoy.
  • KIB Clubs are a great way to get kids and their schools involved in their surrounding community. 


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