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Meet Our Neighbors: Outpost

April 20, 2012 by Mark Cline

When Jared Ingold of The Art Press and Michael Bricker of People for Urban Progress (PUP) came upon an opportunity to open a storefront in the Murphy Art Center this past January, they jumped at the chance. In the span of four days, they transformed an empty room into a retail space that offers Indianapolis based brands, like Vardagen, United State of Indiana, and PUP.

Originally conceived as a five day pop-up shop during Super Bowl week to showcase local clothing lines and designers, the doors at Outpost have stayed open for over two months now and there is no end in sight. 


It's not just t-shirts and hoodies that line the walls and fill the displays, Outpost also carries a variety of recycled products, like wallets, clutches, and hobo and messenger bags, from PUP's Dome project, as well as beach totes and shower curtains from their new Super Bowl Signage Salvage

The positive response, from both the neighborhood and the Indy community as a whole, has been a key factor in keeping Outpost open says store manager Collin Miller. "Initially we had a very young crowd coming in, but with the addition of the Super Bowl products we are getting people in here from all walks of life every day. Outpost is helping bring awareness to what's going on in Indy design, and people are really excited to support creative projects that are local."



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