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Meet Our Neighbors: Flowers on the Square

May 11, 2012 by Mark Cline

With Mothers Day just hours away—have you sent a card yet?—we felt there no better time to stop and smell the roses with Terri Smith, owner of Flowers on The Square

Terri has been peddling petals in the neighborhood for over 13 years now, but her roots in the flower business go much deeper. An art teacher from her high school days opened up a floral shop right around the time Terri was graduating and offered her a job. She says she has been addicted ever since. 

After eight years of selling stems across from the Fountain Square Theatre Building, Terri & Co. moved to their current location on Prospect Street. Over the past five years she has turned this hundred year old house into a finely polished, finely furnished establishment that handles more than bouquets. "We have a lot of different garden items and home decor options throughout the store," she says. 

As for a favorite flower, Terri has a hard time committing to just one. "I do grow a lot of flowers at home, we have a big garden where we grow perennials, some sunflowers, zinnias, and big, beautiful peonies that we cut and sell her in the shop." 


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