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Our favorite local instagrammers

March 8, 2013 by Kate Franzman

At Pivot, we're voyeurs at heart. It's always cool to see our city through someone else's eyes. We've selected a few of our favorite local Instagrammers — you won't find your typical feed of foodie photography, sunset pics, and selfies (ok, maybe a few selfies), here. Check out our top picks for local Instagram feeds you should follow:

Christopher's pick: joeyponce
Instagram bio: What will I learn next? -- 25 • Texas-born, Indianapolis-living, Constantly-wandering • Designer / Illustrator / Thinker
What to expect if you follow: Joey Ponce, pronounced "pawn-say" (he's too polite to correct anyone who mispronounces it) Joey is one of my favorite dudes in Indy, and an incredible illustrator and hand letterer. His Instagram serves up an almost daily dose of grins, lettering inspiration, or both.

Melissa's pick: the_gris
Instagram bio: Designer | Photographer | Circle City
What to expect if you follow: Andrew Griswold captures interesting landscapes, found objects, people and pets. The use of light and filters give his images a consistent, yet distinctive look. He has a great mix of urban and rural shots of the area, very true to the nature of Indy.

Jenn's pick: bpenn
Instagram bio: designer / tall kid // indianapolis
What to expect if you follow: Brian Pennington was a Pivoteer for 5+ years. What to expect: beautifully designed in unexpected places — an undulating radiator, weatherworn playground equipment, where a hospital curtain meets a drop ceiling, an autoshop waiting room, a swarm of staples on a telephone pole, or tangled electrical wires at dawn.

Kate's pick: theinventorialist
Instagram bio: Sharing items that have gained beauty through living an authentic life.
What to expect if you follow: Kris Bowman knows how to create a vignette. You just imagine him arranging and rearranging the knickknacks, found objects, and other lovely nostalgic curiosities (a few of which have made their way to my own dwelling) in his small Mass Ave shop. Expect everything from vintage nautical maps and retro desk fans to cigar boxes, typewriter keys and maybe a shop cat or two.

Joshua's pick: posherov
Instagram bio: Living the dream in Indianapolis! Photographer. Writer. Editor. Mom. Wife. Food lover. Connector.
What to expect if you follow: Polina Osherov runs a successful local photography business and does incredible work with Pattern Magazine. I've had the chance to collaborate with her on a project and she's a blast to be around. She Instragrams behind-the-scenes shots from both high fashion photo shoots and of her own gorgeous family.



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Tristan says:
#Gastonmeows expects to be included in your next roundup, "Our favorite local hashtags".

As Gaston's "prophet," I've been sent to warn of his "great vengeance and furious anger" that will be unleashed should he not be featured. (I think this just means he'll want to be petted a lot around his neck by, um, pretty much anyone.)
MAR 11, 2013

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